5 Signs you need to update your kitchen

It is a known fact that the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in our homes and if you are selling a property it is one of the first rooms people will look at before deciding to buy. Your kitchen could need updating for many reasons and it is very easy to not always notice these as a door that does not close properly becomes a way of how we use our kitchen. We are making do with how your kitchen works for you. When we think of upgrading a kitchen, we automatically think of the impact this may have on our finances and the inconvenience this may cause with everyday use.

Whether we are staying in our home or selling it there are telltale signs that it might be time to put the phrase “out with the old, in with the new” to action. Here are 5 signs that your kitchen is at the stage it needs updating.

1. Damage or Wear

Kitchens are one of the most used rooms in the home so general damage or wear is going to be inevitable, with potential water damage, peeling worktops, mould in cupboards and stains on walls or surfaces. Sometimes a general fix will only last for a certain amount of time before it will need to be repaired again i.e., a door that doesn’t shut properly or a handle that keeps falling off. Do we need the hassle of DIY while we are trying to cook our favourite meal?

2. Space and counter space

Worktop space is becoming a struggle and cooking your meals is becoming more frustrating and stressful. Older homes tend to have a much smaller kitchen which means less space to cook or space to move around in. Today we have more appliances used in our kitchen than ever before so this means more worktop space is needed or just general storage space to cater for everything we need. General space problems can be the unit door opens the wrong way or we start knocking ourselves on the handles, these can be the simplest of things but can impact how our kitchens work for us.

3. Out of date style & appliances

The 80s and 90s were great eras but we are now in the 20th century and times have moved on with style and appliances are so savvy that sometimes we even need a degree to get them to do the easiest of cooking tasks. If you are in the position of wanting to sell your home having new appliances look more attractive with a modern style kitchen, then let’s say your old-style décor and outdated toaster.

4. Maintenance

We all struggle with managing the daily chores of maintaining our homes, so when you can spend hours on cleaning tiles or mopping a floor that still looks as dirty as when you started could mean it is time to update to a kitchen that is easier to clean. An easier to manage kitchen means more time making home-cooked meals for your family or becoming a hobby chef creating delicious meals for others to recreate.

5. Impractical Layout

Kitchen layouts are becoming more of an issue within the kitchen design industry what works for one household may not necessarily work for the next. Our lifestyles and needs change all the time and our home environments can become impractical, maybe your family has grown or you have a new housemate your kitchen may not be able to cater for the extra food, plates and cutlery and traffic. Having a poorly laid out kitchen is only going to cause more problems down the line.

Having a kitchen that meets the needs of your family or lifestyle can create harmony within your home life and could seal the deal of a sold sign being out up in the front of your property. If you think it is time to update your kitchen, please get in touch with us with your requirements. Our team have over 22yrs experience in the kitchen design industry and we would love to take your project on working with you to create a dream kitchen. Call us on 01189 432 100 or contact us here to book your appointment. Our January Discounts Offer finishes on the 31st of January for new clients on all Nobilia products get in touch to secure your discount today. T&Cs apply to our January Discounts Offer.

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