6 Ways MAS Kuchen can help you spruce up your kitchen

With 2020 nearly coming to a close it has certainly tested us not just as a nation but also globally with a world pandemic that is currently still ongoing. As a company, MAS Kuchen has had to change how we work to keep our clients safe and maintain our second to none end to end services to the public.

This year has meant that people have been enjoying the comforts of their home and reflecting on whether our home truly works for us and our families. The time we have spent at home meant we could assess what jobs we would like to do within the home and garden. It has seen an increase in people starting or rediscovering their love for home cooking from scratch.

With people having the love for being in the kitchen this has led us to find that the décor or style of our kitchen no longer works, so people have been looking for different ways to finally have a design they are happy with. A kitchen redesign can be the perfect solution to give your cooking space a new lift and a space you will thoroughly enjoy cooking in once again.

Before you start any redesigning make sure you have an idea in your mind as to how you want things to work for you, style and colours this will help you to create your new dream kitchen. Visiting a kitchen installation company like MAS Kuchen with a design team who have over 22yrs experience and will work closely with you to create your dream kitchen, can be the most stress-free route.


Depending on your current splashback and how it fits in with your new style and colours we have a wide selection. Natural, wood effect to quirky styles we have something for everyone. If you are wanting to do something unique you can opt for one of our more classic plain splashbacks where you can paint unique patterns with a bolder colour, or use a stencil.

Unit Doors

Maybe the design plan already works for you but the colour is now outdated or you want a fresher modern look, opting to have a change of door fronts can be the way to go. MAS Kuchen have a wide range of different door front style to choose from and colours giving you the option to have a more traditional kitchen or updating to a modern sleek style. You can add more personality to your kitchen by combining two colours for your lower and upper units.


They come in all styles, shapes and sizes but there will be a handle that stands out to you and will suit your new kitchen design scheme. MAS Kuchen have a number of different handle designs including the standard doorknob handle to a bar handle, coming in stainless steel to different styles of metal. Your assigned designer will give you options to what would suit the best.


Changing your lighting can create a world of difference in your kitchen for a minimal outlay and having a lighting system that works better for you can also reduce the cost of bills. We have a number of lighting options available and our designer will make sure that the different types of lighting will be used most effectively, for example, your cooking area will have more direct light.


Updating your appliances for example your water tap can also create a change within your kitchen, along with ovens, hobs and coolers. We have a wide selection of different appliances from the leading brands such as Quooker, BORA, Siemens and NEFF to name a few. Updating your tap from standard stainless steel to a different kind of metallic finish can fit in with your new style and décor better.

Work Surfaces

Another big impact that will completely turn your kitchen around would be your work surfaces/tops. MAS Kuchen have a wide range of surfaces from a standard surface to a stone surface, in different shades or designs. A worktop covers a large area of the kitchen so selecting the right one is key as the darker shades will absorb more light, whereas a lighter shade would create a more fresh crisp light effect in your kitchen.

Working with MAS Kuchen we will take on board your ideas and create your dream kitchen space like you have designed it yourself. Need the flexibility of payments then don’t forget to ask the team about our finance options. Currently, our appointments are still available virtually with our team Monday to Saturdays, we would love to design your dream space for you. To book your appointment or for more information on our finance call us on 01189 432 100 or email We hope to welcome you back to our showroom soon!

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