8 Things to consider when designing your kitchen with MAS Kuchen

Our homes can be the biggest purchase we make during our lifetime, improvements will only build on the investment we have made. There are a lot of things to consider when you are turning your house into your home so we have thought of 8 key points to help you.

1. Don’t forget counter space

Counter space can be easily forgotten, so when you have your new kitchen installed by the time you have got all of your appliances on your worktop there is no room to prep your meals or even for washing up. Always use the maximum amount of workspace available to you so have a plan in your mind where you will be prepping food, where will the washing up be done and where will each appliance go.

2. Plugs and Sockets

Having some idea on how your kitchen is going to work best for you is great, working out the best place for each of your appliances. Thinking about where the toaster will be going, where your microwave will be situated will worktop space need to be allocated or will it be integrated into a unit. Will you need a kettle or will you opt to have a Quooker tap where you have boiling hot and cold water available to you. These are minor things that can have a huge impact.

3. Storage

Storage has to be planned carefully, it is a good idea of making a list of what you need to store like spices & herbs, wine, utensils, tableware sets and cutlery. Looking at existing wall space and utilising it with Magnetic Strips for knives and spice racks, built-in wine coolers or racks and spaces for trolley storage for vegetables. The corner storage units are perfect as you can use them to store tableware or cooking pans etc, which in fact adds more storage to your kitchen. Kitchen islands are also the perfect way to add more cupboard space and worktop space but it can also create seating for a bespoke breakfast bar making your kitchen more inviting.

4. Ventilation

We all love the smell of homemade cooked dishes, however, when the smell is from 2 days ago it is not so pleasant. Making our homes smell unpleasant but a good ventilation system can stop this problem especially when your cooking on the hob. Most systems are efficient in collecting the

impurities and generally helps in keeping

your kitchen clean.

5. Don’t forget the rubbish bins

When preparing your meals in the kitchen it is inevitable there will be food waste and recycling waste, this can be integrated into your units or freestanding bins. With the integrated bins into your unit cupboards, you are eliminating odours and can conceal freestanding bins. This part is normally overlooked as it is a small part of cooking and prepping your meals but it is actually an important part of making your kitchen work for you.

6. Let there be light!

Don’t be frightened to experiment with different lighting options, in the areas you will be using the most. With integrated lighting into overhead units and lower units you can create a perfect ambience within your kitchen. Take your time over your lighting plan working out which areas you need more direct lighting and areas that need more subtle inviting lighting.

7. Budget

Always have a budget in mind when thinking about your new kitchen, it is easy to go over your budget with items that you necessarily do not need or will need replacing quickly due to wear and tear. Creating an inventory list from the start will keep you on track with overspending, the list should cover both furniture and contents.

8. Design Choices

When choosing your final design always think about how your kitchen will date, it's great having the most modern kitchen but will it become dated in a few years’ time. Kitchens are not cheap to replace and if at any point you decide to sell your home this could, in fact, impact the sell. Kitchens are rated one of the most popular rooms for potential viewers to zone in on and pay the most attention too if it is not right.

Our team are on hand to help you design your dream kitchen for your home, making all of our kitchens bespoke to suit you and your family. We have the small key factors covered in every step of the design and your budget in mind until your kitchen is installed and finished. Call us today on 01189 432 100 to see how MAS Kuchen can help you with your new dream kitchen.

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