How to make your kitchen the perfect entertainment space

We all know that the kitchen is the place where everyone congregates at parties and gatherings – whether intentionally or not. It is no longer thought of as just a place to prepare food as many kitchens are now a ‘multi-use’ area, replacing the need for a more formal dining setting.

And now more than ever we are looking forward to welcoming extended family and friends into our homes so this is a great time to plan ahead and make your kitchen perfect for those much-anticipated gatherings!

It is therefore essential to get your kitchen design just right for you – whether you want the space for small casual get togethers or larger parties. Your layout should

make the best use of space, whatever the size

and shape of your kitchen.

A key consideration is how you want people to move around your kitchen. Where is the best place to serve food? Do you want your guests to sit at a breakfast bar or a more formal dining area? Where is the best place to cook so that you are also engaged in socialising?

An island set-up with a hob is ideal for entertaining as it allows the host to prepare and cook food without turning away from guests. At the same time, this subtle ‘barrier’ prevents guests from wandering in and out of the food preparation area. It can also create a focal point where guests can stand, sit or place their food or drinks. If your space is big enough, try to keep the more functional things such as sinks and dishwasher further from view, whilst your hob and preparation areas are well-positioned for socialising.

And if you don’t have the space to install an island, you can easily work around this – perhaps with a smaller breakfast bar or raised counter to house food and drinks.

Seating is also an important consideration. If you are more likely to have larger parties, a table and chairs that can be moved around (or removed altogether to create more space) may be a good option. For smaller gatherings, seating at an island is a practical arrangement that also works well for daily use. Consider benches as a space saver around a table – as they can be stored underneath the table when not in use and can seat more guests than traditional chairs. Make sure your seating works well in comparison to the rest of the kitchen so that everyone feels part of the gathering – including the host!

Even if you are planning to host a fairly informal gathering, you still don’t want your guests to see a messy or disorganised work surface. Clever and practical storage solutions can help to prevent work areas from becoming too cluttered. Pull-out racks and carousel units are great for keeping things organised but out of sight and can hold many more items than a normal kitchen cupboard. Multiple dividers within drawers are also an ideal way of decluttering your work surface and freeing it up for easier food preparation.

Think about storing items such as crockery, cutlery and glassware around the dining area so things can be set up or served without getting in the way of the food preparation area. Similarly, a wine rack/cooler or drinks fridge could also be placed nearer to the seating area to make it easier to serve drinks or even allow guests to help themselves!

Your choice of appliance is also important when you are thinking about entertaining in your kitchen. Appliances that don’t emit too much noise are important to consider as sometimes dishwashers and extractors can be hard for guests to talk over. Other appliances can make entertaining easier – such as drinks coolers and ice dispensers. And our revolutionary Quooker tap is a great time saver for those after dinner hot drinks, as well as freeing up more work surface with no noisy kettle.

As a kitchen installation company with a design team that have over 22 years of experience, we will work closely with you to create the perfect kitchen for entertaining. If you know whether you want to entertain regularly on a large scale or host the occasional informal gathering, we will be able to work with you to create the best kitchen for your needs. One of our main priorities is to provide high-quality kitchens at affordable prices, along with great customer care.

Call us on 01189 432 100 or contact us here to book a consultation appointment with one of our designers.

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