Meet the Team!

With the current situation and the good news that things are starting to look up, we thought this would be a perfect time for you to meet our team. MAS Kuchen have been running a different protocol while we are in the current lockdown situation, that we are working virtually for all consultations and design appointments. You may have spoken to some of our team over the last few weeks, so we thought who better to start with our meet the team blog but the Director and founder of MAS Kuchen himself “Marco”.

Marco, how long have you been working in the kitchen industry for?

I have been in the kitchen industry for 11 years now, I started fitting kitchens and had an Apprenticeship doing it. I gained an NVQ 3 qualification in Carpentry during this period of my career. Once I was fully trained, I started my own company MAS kitchen installations and had a small team of kitchen fitter’s who I trained up from the start of their trade career to being fully qualified and professional fitters. I then started MAS Kuchen 2 years ago.

What made you become a kitchen designer?

Once I started MAS Kuchen, I learnt how to design kitchens which I found very easy already understanding the fitting process. Being a fitter previously I had a lot of different ideas, and I had a feel for what would and wouldn’t work with designs. The challenge I faced was having to learn quickly how to run and manage a new business, but I had great support around me. I also had to learn a new role being more client-facing which was completely different from my previous role but I adapted quickly and found it exciting as it was a new challenge.

You are very passionate about your company MAS Kuchen, what makes MAS Kuchen Different?

Yes, I am very passionate about MAS Kuchen because I had created it from the start. I had to make it work, and I find nothing more rewarding than helping our clients with one of the biggest things they may purchase. It was important that my company helped clients with this and as they say “the kitchen is the heart of the home”, it is where most families spend their time these days due to open plan living. I wanted to make sure every client who comes into MAS Kuchen leave with their dream kitchen and could not be happier with their new purchase.

What are the most important things you wanted to make sure MAS Kuchen had to offer clients and how does that fit into your daily role?

I wanted to make sure MAS Kuchen offered our clients the best designed kitchens that worked for their lifestyle, so I have found two amazing designers Lisi and Jade who have over 22years of experience between them. It was also important for our clients to have a go-to person for all other communications, so Gina became an important member of the team. Gina handles the operations side, so she deals with everything in the showroom and all administrative tasks. Once the designer has secured the kitchen with the client, I then take over to make sure delivery dates are all correct and all final measurements match with the detailed design. I will then assign the correct installer for the job, which allows me to oversee the finer details of each installation. I always make sure I am on hand to take the final check measurements at a client’s property, I will then converse with the design team with input into the final design for our client. I visit each client once the installation has begun to make sure the installer is happy with the progress of the installation, and once again I will visit when the kitchen is completed to make sure the client is happy.

What does the future hold for MAS Kuchen?

The future for Mas Kuchen looks very good, within the 2 years MAS Kuchen have been trading we have grown so much as a company. We have supplied and installed some amazing kitchens for our clients, and they couldn’t be happier with their purchase. We have obviously had our problems like any new business but have quickly learnt from these, and our 5-star service has now made MAS Kuchen what it is today. We want to continue to grow organically and be able to train new and younger staff to be able to give them a bright future and within the next 5 years, it would be great for MAS Kuchen to be one of the best and busiest showrooms in Reading.

We will be back for another Meet the team blog next month. Just a reminder we are operating virtually right now, so if you are looking to have a new kitchen installed once we are out of lockdown then please email us on to book your virtual consultation. We will keep you all updated as to when our showroom will be open once again for you all to visit us. Stay Safe!

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