New Home? New Kitchen?

In a lifetime you will make big purchases the biggest one being a property, you then face the huge task of making it your home. This can be a very stressful time in your life, not just with the actual moving but also the redecorating, renovations, new kitchen and even having extensions built etc.

Here at MAS Kuchen, we wanted to make our process of purchasing a new kitchen as smooth and stress free as possible. It was important to us for our clients to feel at ease and for them to feel like they were not just a number, which is why we took care and time putting our step by step guide in place for our clients. We wanted to show our clients also that we can take the pressure from them with a new kitchen installation, and to even offer a process that we can step in at any time to take over an installation.

MAS Kuchen also wanted to provide the flexibility that our clients can come to us at any time during any stage they were at with their kitchen installation, which we feel is a key feature to our customer service and care. We wanted our clients to feel confident that we are there to take the pressure off and still have their dream kitchen at the end.

Having different ways to purchase a kitchen was important to us in providing our clients with diversity in ordering from MAS Kuchen, as we fully understand everyone has different needs and want to do things differently. So, we put together a supply only process where MAS Kuchen will supply the kitchen only and be available for guidance with fitting etc.

We also wanted to provide that reassurance that our clients could see how their kitchen would look before they made the purchase, so it was important for us to provide a FREE full 3D render design for each client. Our in-house design team listen and work closely with each client to make sure each design fits their needs and lifestyle. Our team of staff know the importance of keeping our clients fully updated at all times with regards to their new kitchen, so we make sure we go above and beyond to make sure all parts of purchasing a kitchen run smoothly. Aftercare was a key feature we focused on in-depth, we wanted to be approachable that our clients felt comfortable that they could come to us after installation with any questions or requests for help.

Our luxury showroom is open 7 days a week so our clients have the flexibility they can come and view our sample kitchens, and appliances and have the support of our team to work around different routines and work schedules.

With the current situation in all nations are in with regards to COVID - 19, we want to assure our clients we will try to keep business running as normal. We have put into place new processes so that you can continue to progress forward with your purchase from MAS Kuchen, however, there might be delays on some deliveries and installations. Due to our showroom currently being closed to help stop the spread of the virus, we are taking the following steps for the time being.


1) If you are doing a kitchen refurb you can take your own measurements or get old floor plans when you bought the house.

2) If you are doing extension or renovation you can send over architect plans.

3) MAS Kuchen will speak over the phone about your requirements for the project normally takes around 30mins.

4) Mas Kuchen will send out the quote with nice render images and pricing.

5) The client can then get back to us with any changes to the design and colours (re-quote will be done).

6) We can finalise the project with dates on install and delivery.

Our new telephone and online consultations are available now to book on our website, all you need is access to a computer. MAS Kuchen wants to play a part in helping people stay safe and stop the spread but to continue to provide our services in a different way to keep life as normal as it possibly can be right now.

Please send all information to or call us on 0118 943 2100 and a new blog will be out in April. Stay home, save lives! #quaranteam

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