Open plan or closed plan kitchen - Which is best for you?

As with any decision on home improvements, it is mainly about our own personal tastes and preferences. And if you are thinking of investing in a new kitchen, one of the key considerations is whether an open plan or closed plan kitchen design works best for you.

At the moment an open plan kitchen is a popular choice - but it doesn’t always work for everyone. Both styles of kitchens have pros and cons depending on the space you have and the lifestyle you lead – so there is no clear winner as to which is better. The key is to choose the best design according to your needs.

So how is an open plan and closed plan kitchen generally defined?

An open plan kitchen is a kitchen without walls or barriers separating it from the rest of the house. The kitchen floor plan may extend into the dining room, living room, family room or other living space – creating one large open space. Typically, open plan kitchens are associated with contemporary homes as they have a modern, spacious feel. This design can make the living space appear larger in smaller homes and can often boost the resale value of your home.

Closed plan kitchens are (as the name suggests) closed off from the rest of the house, typically by one or two doorways. They are therefore more isolated from the rest of the house and a good choice if you prefer to keep things private while cooking – as food preparation is hidden from view. Even though closed plan kitchens are thought of as more traditional and associated with older properties, it is possible to have an ultra-modern closed plan kitchen as well.

Which design is best for you?

If you prefer a design that prioritizes light and space, an open plan kitchen is a good option. By removing walls, the open plan can make a small space feel bigger and the flow into adjacent rooms allows for maximum natural light – this, in turn, makes the space seem even larger.

However. a poorly designed open plan space could seem clinical and cold. So, whilst closed plan designs are more limited in terms of space, they can often have a more warm, cosy feel to them. Similarly. not everyone wants one single room on the main floor of their home – many people value having a formal dining area or separate room to watch TV in.

If entertaining is important to you, an open plan design is an obvious choice: an open plan kitchen often features an island or breakfast bar where guests can gather informally whilst you prepare food or a dining area that is not separated off from the kitchen. There is, therefore, no need to shut friends and family away in a separate living space whilst you cook or tidy up, making it a more sociable set-up.

Some people that are more serious about cooking rather than entertaining may prefer a more closed plan option where they can be isolated from other parts of the house – in a dedicated space where they can experiment away from prying eyes.

In an open plan kitchen space, there is always a greater need for keeping things as tidy as possible as everything is constantly on display. If the kitchen area is untidy, the dining or living space within the open plan will also seem messy by association. Sometimes it is a relief to just ‘shut the door’ on the mess which you can’t do with an open plan option. So, if you don’t want the pressure of keeping your work surfaces clear and your sink free of dishes, a closed plan might be better for you.

Sounds and smells are also important aspects to consider: the kitchen is generally the busiest room of the house – but this can also mean it can be noisy. Noises from general food preparation combined with added noise from appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers or extractors don’t always mean relaxed family living. Similarly smells from cooking might fill the whole living and dining space rather than just the kitchen.

At Mas Kuchen, our kitchen designers will help you to make these choices and decide the best kitchen style to suit your needs and lifestyle. With an open plan design, we can ensure that your kitchen ideas blend with the rest of your room and help you choose appliances that reduce noise and smells, and with a closed space we can make use of the latest design trends without worrying about whether they match with other rooms in the house.

Whatever style you choose, we pride ourselves on providing high quality kitchens at affordable prices, along with great customer care.

Call us on 01189 432 100 or contact us here to book a consultation appointment.

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