Showroom now open!!

As lockdown is gradually being lifted we are finally back fitting kitchens where we can safely socially distance, and it is definitely good to be back working again! We have started a new development in Windsor installing 10 kitchens for flats, which we are super excited about. Last month we introduced Marco the director at MAS Kuchen and this month we are introducing team members Jade & Gina.

Jade, how long have you been working in the kitchen industry for?

I have been working in the kitchen industry for 7 years.

What made you become a kitchen designer?

I was inspired to design interiors when working at Homesense at the age of 17 as a shop floor assistant, I was so keen to dress displays combine colours, textures and themes that I jumped on any opportunity to work alongside the visual merchandising team. That’s when I knew it was something, I was passionate about.

What makes MAS Kuchen Different?

MAS Kuchen is different from the rest, as a close team of 4 we share the same ethos and beliefs on how things should be done, MAS Kuchen always emphasises the importance of understanding every customer's kitchen space and individual requirements, we take time in creating instead of just filling a space with boxes. Good value for money is always the message we want to resonate.

What do you love about designing kitchens?

I love that designing kitchens is not just about what it says on the tin. Kitchens are so much more than what they use to be, nowadays they are considered the heart of the home. More often than not the kitchen will form the dining and or living space sometimes with a view of the garden or playroom etc, I take great pleasure in not only creating kitchens but inspiring design for these other areas too.

What is your key focus when you're designing a kitchen for a client?

Creating a kitchen is a balancing act of style, functionality and a budget in mind. Sometimes clients emphasise one of these more than the others and so my key focus is to identify what is fundamental to them. I always ask if a client has children and or pets because this aids decision making with finishes, colours and design practicalities. The ultimate goal in mind is to create a showstopping space which is more affordable than it appears to be!

What are your passions outside of work?

I am hugely passionate about anything eco-friendly; I have recently got into sewing handmade eco- friendly fabric reusable items. It’s another opportunity to get creative in my spare time (which honestly, I don’t get a whole lot of anymore) between designing and raising our four-year-old wild child little boy!

Gina, how long have you been working in the kitchen industry for?

I have been working in the kitchen industry for 7 months.

What makes MAS Kuchen Different?

MAS Kuchen is a small family orientated business which enhances our work here as a team wanting to create and design the best kitchens and living spaces for each customer who visits us. We also like to think we are a very approachable company that our clients are happy to ask us advice before, during and after their purchase with us.

What do you love about your role in helping clients purchase their dream kitchen?

My favourite aspect of my role when helping clients to purchase a kitchen is showing them that they can make their visions come to life and at an affordable cost that is achievable for them.

What is your key focus when you’re helping a client?

My key focuses are finding out what my client's exact needs are and how I can tailor their project to make it individual to them.

What are your passions outside of work?

My main passion is keeping an active and healthy lifestyle, incorporating nature as much as I can.

With lockdown progressively easing we have been able to open our showroom once again; we will, of course, be following the government's guidelines on social distancing safely. We are fully prepared with our screen shields, antibacterial gel and facemasks for your safety and employees. We are taking appointments Monday to Friday on request, each appointment takes about 30mins. If you would like to book an appointment then contact us at Next month we have some great news coming!!

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