Summer Kitchens

Okay, so we think Spring has forgotten to visit the UK this year with all the bad weather we have experienced over the last couple of weeks. But we like to look at the positives in all situations so roll on the Summer and being able to venture out to enjoy the sun.

Having a kitchen inspired by the Summer sun can bring you those bright positive vibes throughout the whole year. Getting the perfect Summer kitchen is not just about the design and colours but also appliances. Read on to find out how you can have a Summer ready kitchen all year round.

Brighter days are ahead – Introducing more light into the kitchen can be as simple as choosing a design with sleek and crisp lines that can give the illusion the kitchen feels bigger. Having a white or off-white finish can also produce more light due to reflecting natural light.

Tip – If you have a windowsill why not bring the outside into your kitchen by creating your own small herb garden such as Thyme, basil and mint which are perfect additions to tasty summer meals.

Touch of Colour – When designing your new kitchen with our design team you can add colour to different areas. The options are endless having two shades of colour on the lower and upper units, the splashback design and storage shelves. Flowers are a great way to bring that Summer scent and an abundance of colour.

Tip – Other ways of adding touches of colour to your kitchen is choosing a colourful dinnerware set, table mats and kitchen accessories. Floral designs are also a great choice for that Summery feel.

Summer Parties – Everyone loves the smell of BBQs and getting those taste buds flowing, so having the perfect kitchen for entertaining friends & family can also be a big key part of your design. Kitchens are the social hubs of any home so having built in features of seating into your kitchen design are perfect for that social time.

Tip – Appliances such as wine coolers, ice dispenser fridges and the revolutionary Quooker taps are great additions to any kitchens all year round.

Bringing outside, inside – This can be accomplished in many ways and the most popular feature for kitchen renovations or kitchen extensions is to have a glass wall that opens into the garden creating the ultimate Summer kitchen. Other options could be a built-on conservatory for an open plan kitchen/dining room. However, our design team will create something bespoke for you and your home.

Tip – We can step in at any part of your project and help create the perfect kitchen space for you and your family.

Keeping things cool – We all love a cheeky ice cream treat now and then to stay cool while we enjoy the sun. We offer a wide range of appliances and features that are the perfect addition. Built-in fridge freezers have the benefits of an ice & water dispenser, a wine cooler for that perfect glass of chilled vino with our Summer meals in the evening and the Quooker tap which has the features of chilled sparkling or still water straight from the tap.

Tip – A good way to cool yourself down is by freezing fruits you enjoy and making a nice Summer smoothie to enjoy while soaking up the sun.

Here at MAS Kuchen, we would love to work with you helping you design the ultimate Summer kitchen for your home. The materials that go into our high-quality products have been sourced from fully maintained forests to help with the environment. To book your consultation appointment call our team on 01189 432 100 or visit

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