Tips on planning your dream kitchen

As a kitchen installation company, we are full of ideas on different ways we can design and cater to our clients needs when they visit us to purchase their dream kitchen. However, there are features to be considered by you (Our Client) before you attend your first consultation appointment to help us build your dream kitchen.

The majority of people will purchase one to two new kitchens throughout their life, this is not an everyday occurrence so can seem a strange process. When taking that first step to decide on a new kitchen design there are points that you need to consider before your appointment. We have gone through this thought process for you to help you get the most out of your first consultation with us.

What to think about at the start

We all dream of how we want our homes to look so when you make that big decision to change a part of your home you need to make sure that not only does your kitchen look fabulous but also how does your current kitchen function for you. Your new kitchen needs to meet your expectations in design and style but also the functionality.

Likes and Dislikes

Sitting down with a pen and paper is a great way to help you decide what you like and dislike about your current kitchen. These points are key for your assigned designer to start to put together your bespoke design and making sure you’re happy with your newly designed space. Things you may consider are layout, storage, appliances and flow.


Grand ideas of what we would love for our kitchen to look like are great, however, working out your affordable budget is the best starting point. We can all get carried away choosing top-quality products but realistically you could be pricing yourself well over what you can afford. There must be compromises made but with a few smart choices on the final products and furniture you choose, there is no reason why you can not attain the main kitchen design you desire. When we plan your kitchen, we would never compromise on the layout. Your designer will help you make the best choices and highlight what is best to put your budget towards and when to opt for a cheaper option.

Who uses the kitchen?

Another point to consider is who uses your kitchen, do you live alone so is it just yourself, or do you have a small or large family or is there only one person who does the bulk of the cooking. Thinking about these points can determine who we are designing your kitchen for, is it one person’s needs or does it need to cater to a number of people.


Now is the time to think about your unique design so putting together a wish list is a perfect way to help your assigned designer. Think about the flow around the kitchen where would you like certain appliances, would you like a breakfast bar or an island (Maybe you would like an island and breakfast bar to be combined), any ideas you have now is the time to tell us.


Most people will have an idea of how they want their kitchen to look, modern with minimalist style so a handleless design would be a better option or something more traditional with some character so a Shaker styled kitchen is a better option. Do not worry though as our showroom has different styled kitchens on display to help you decide.


Do you want seating in your new kitchen? The popularity of the kitchen/dining room has rocketed so you can sit down and eat family meals or entertain friend and families. Maybe you just need a seating area for people to sit down for a quick chat or breakfast, these are things that you can add to your wish list.

Storage Requirements

Storage solutions are one of the biggest problems with the older installed kitchens and normally one of the highest rated reasons for people opting for a redesign. We have a lot to offer for solving storage problems. Think about how much dried and fresh food you like to have; do you like entertaining so having a built-in wine cooler would be of benefit and if you like cooking meals from scratch thinking about worktop space.

Colour Preference

It is always good to have an idea of what colour preferences you have, these play a part in the feel your kitchen has. For instance, lighter colours are ideal for the smaller and darker rooms to give the impression of space. Also, if you are thinking of selling your house neutral colours can be more appealing to potential buyers.


Most kitchens will have the standard appliances but when you are designing a kitchen for yourself or family there is a much deeper thought process to be considered. How do you cook your meals? Are you a coffee lover? Do you need to cook more conveniently for your busy lifestyle? Do you buy a lot of fresh food? Also, not every house has a utility room so do you need your washing appliances in the kitchen. We recommend making a list of what you need and do not need, this could help you save on your budget by buying appliances you may not necessarily need.

Our Design Team

This is a very daunting process but our team here at MAS Kuchen are here to support you and are always happy to answer any questions or give advice. One of our main priorities is our customer care and providing high quality kitchens at affordable prices. Our team have over 22yrs experience in the kitchen design industry and we would love to take your project on working with you to create your dream kitchen. Call us on 01189 432 100 or contact us here to book your consultation appointment.

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