Welcome to the new MAS Kuchen Blog!

Welcome to the NEW MAS Kuchen blog!

Every month we will be bringing you a new post, with updates about new products, offers, competitions and giveaways.

MAS Kuchen was founded by Marco in 2014, who started out as a kitchen fitter but wanted to take this a step further into kitchen design and setting up a kitchen installation company. After a lot of research and hard work, MAS Kuchen opened its first showroom in Reading, Berkshire on the 21st April 2018.

The most important factor for MAS Kuchen was to find a kitchen manufacturer, that delivered high-quality products at an affordable price for our clients. Marco visited many factories, making sure each kitchen they made had been through extensive testing, quality control checks and was easy to install.

MAS Kuchen now uses one of the biggest kitchen manufacturers in Europe, where 15 years of testing for wear and tear have been carried out. Another main factor for choosing the company was due to Marco fitting one of the kitchens, he realised how good the product was. They thought of every little detail to make the installation go as smooth as possible, making it enjoyable to install. Marco was so impressed that no issues arose during installation, as the kitchen was premade bespoke for that client. Once fully installed the finished look was amazing and the clients were so happy with their new kitchen, he knew then it was the right kitchen supplier for MAS Kuchen.

Being a small independent company MAS Kuchen has grown so much within the last year and a half, not only providing to residential properties but have now grown to provide a full kitchen installation service to trade businesses. We are now working on a number of housing development projects, to supply and install family kitchens that will be completed by the end of this year.

We still have a number of exciting opportunities planned for 2020, one being the expansion of our luxury showroom. MAS Kuchen always delivers an exceptional service to our clients, before and aftercare is important to us. So, as the company continues to grow, we want to make sure we can keep on delivering that personal touch to all of our visitors.

So far 2020 has been amazing for MAS Kuchen, we have become a UK seller of the innovative Quooker tap (as seen on TV) to bring something new to our clients. We have spent some time researching different hot and cold water tap systems, not just how they work, but other key features we looked into in-depth, was the variety of styles and the safety aspect. MAS Kuchen offers a wide range of bespoke kitchens, so we wanted something that also offered a number of different options. So, when we are designing a kitchen there is something to suit each clients style choice. The safety was a key feature we paid a lot of attention too, making sure it had a fail-safe system in place.

Our new monthly giveaways have started with our Valentines Comedy Night for 2, so like our social media channels for a chance to win a great night out for you and someone special. If you love comedy then this is a great prize for you. You will get to select a venue of your choice throughout the UK, where you will be treated to 3 stand-up comedians and at certain venues, you will have access to the after-party. All entrants must be over 18yrs of age as ID will need to be shown and T&Cs apply, so see posts for all information. There are some great prizes coming up in the following months, so keep a lookout!

MAS Kuchen’s showroom is open 7 days a week with free onsite parking, a friendly team of staff to help you through each step of your dream kitchen and affordable prices with no hidden costs. The in-house design team have over 22yrs of kitchen design experience between them, and they produce a FREE 3D render for each client. You can call us to book your appointment on 0118 943 2100 or via our website here.

We will see you in March for a new blog post!

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