What to AVOID when designing your kitchen

So, you have finally decided the time is right to take a huge leap and purchase a new kitchen. Just making this decision can be daunting enough, along with finding the right company, deciding on what range and colours, the to-do list for your new kitchen can become exceptionally long before you know it.

When you think about your new kitchen design it is exciting choosing the range and colours, appliances you may have and new additions i.e kitchen island or breakfast bar. However, there are a number of things to remember and a number of things to avoid when you’re designing your new kitchen with your chosen kitchen installation company. Here we outline some important key features to AVOID.

It’s all about that space and the primary function of a kitchen to cook and prepare food, so space is a huge factor when designing a new kitchen. There is nothing worse than having a kitchen where you are restricted in movement and limited to the number of people who can use it at the same time. So, avoid at all costs not having enough room.

Ignoring the work triangle, we hear you all asking yourself what is the work triangle? This is to do with the flow of using your kitchen. When you are cooking it is a flow between the sink, worktop and refrigerator, this allows you to work easily and to prep and cook your meals in a busy household. Always have the work triangle in mind never avoid it.

Not having enough storage is the number one issue with the majority of kitchens, so to avoid this issue always consider the larger units. If you are unsure if they are right for your kitchen space, then always ask your designer as they will always have fresh new ideas on making sure your kitchen storage delivers and not having enough space is a thing of the past. Look at your vertical space, not just horizontal space.

Minimal lighting in a kitchen is also on our avoid list, if your lighting is poor this can not only affect the vibe of your kitchen but also how you work. Chopping your vegetables in poor light is like you’re risking your own life ready for the shame of going into work the next day with a plaster on your finger (We have all been there) due to not seeing what we are doing properly. More lighting can also make your kitchen seem bigger than it is, with the right choice in colours.

We all want to fit in more than we can with most things but sometimes we must remember the age-old saying of “Less is More”. Avoid trying to fit as much as you possibly can into your new kitchen, speaking to your designer they can advise you and they may have alternative ways to help with the issue. People are always developing new things and ways to improve designs; your designer may have something new that would be the perfect option for your new kitchen.

Avoid at all costs blowing all of your budget on one single part of your kitchen, plan your budget out for all requirements. For example, if your budget is £20,000 and you spend £19,000 on a high-end kitchen range, that leaves you £1,000 for appliances, lighting, worktops etc.

Communication is a big part of your new kitchen installation and not something to avoid; your designer wants to create that bespoke design for you. If you have questions or you are not 100% happy with a part of the design, make sure you speak with your designer.

Here at MAS Kuchen, we would love to work with you making sure we help you create the perfect kitchen. We will ensure that all aspects are covered even the parts to avoid when designing. With our different range of services we offer, we can step in at any point of your kitchen design or installation. We can work to any budget; our products are high quality, and the materials are sourced from managed and maintained forests. We have finance available for a more flexible monthly payment. Ready to start designing your dream kitchen? To book your free consultation appointment call our team on 01189 432 100 or visit

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